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04, November 2012 @ 20:56
Eternally Yours (Immortal Beloved) is out "in the wild". I saw it at my the local bookstore along with the trade back version of
Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved).

The official release date is November 6, 2012 (US), so if you're waiting for the e-book version, you will probably have to wait for the exact release date before downloading.

Posted by Melysa

27, March 2012 @ 23:15
Yes, the cover for Eternally Yours is pretty darn awesome. You can also get a closeup look of the cover without the title covering up the artwork in the Little, Brown's Children Fall 2012/Winter 2013 catalog.

The only disappointing thing so far is the book appears to be only 240 pages. suspicious.gif

Posted by Melysa

02, January 2012 @ 09:33
Just a quick update! Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved) or the paperback version of Immortal Beloved are out as of today. I saw it in bookstores earlier this week, so many of you might already have it.

PS: I recieved several covers in November from, I believe, a fan from Russia. The same person that sent me Immortal Beloved's Russian cover. I don't know your name, but, no, I did not forget about you! And thank you for the foreign covers! And so, so very sorry to not send you a thank you reply! I letting the whole world I know I'm a bad, bad person. cry.gif They will bed used in the next update. Thank you. bigsmile.gif

Posted by Melysa

19, September 2011 @ 10:25
Cate Tiernan has officially announced that the release date of Darkness Falls (at least in the US/UK) has been pushed back to January 2, 2012. This is something I already figured (I didn't even go looking for it), but what piqued my interest is Tiernan's mention of Immortal Beloved's new look. And guess what? Amazon already has the second's book new cover: Immortal Beloved #2: Darkness Falls.

I have to say I really like this one, and FINALLY Cate Tiernan gets a pretty good cover (but I do love Balefire omnibus cover!). However...the cover appears a little generic in a sea of paranormal book covers that feature beautiful girls with flowing gowns and hair. All that's missing is the guy without a shirt--but that might be considered too risqué for a YA book cover, eh? smile.gif But it's a vast improvement over the first book's cover. I did NOT like that cover, and I was very surprised it even got the green light.

In old, old news Sweep: Seeker, Origins, and Eclipse: Volume 4 has been out since July. The last book Sweep: Reckoning, Full Circle, and Night's Child: Volume 5 will be out at the end of this year.


Posted by Melysa

15, July 2011 @ 03:20
I'm noticing release date changes for Darkness Falls in a few places. So, I went to the publisher's site and saw the release date January 2, 2012. The trade back version for Immortal Beloved was pushed back to January as well. So, I just wanted to throw that out there. If I'm wrong, late, or whatever, sorry!

I've received two messages from Cate Tiernan fans abroad, and I appreciate their emails. One of them is way, way from May--took me forever to respond (sorry!). This one is a really neat find because it gets harder to locate foreign editions when the author's name and book title is translated. Anyway, this is (from what was sent) the Russian version of Immortal Beloved. I did not catch the person's name, but I just wanted to say again thank you!

Second email is more recent... Kaat from Belgium sent me a link to a pic and description of their version of Immortal Beloved. The publisher's site has a cover without the watermark here. Again, thanks Kaat!

Posted by Melysa

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